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Chicago Innovation Award Winner, CMO, Forbes Contributor
Jon Kopp Executive Director

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Author, Attorney, Forbes Contributor
Adam Bergman, ESQ. Trust, Accounts, Tax & Legal

Adam Bergman is a partner with the IRA Financial Group, the markets leading provider of Self-Directed IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) Plans. Mr. Bergman is also the President of IRA Financial Trust Company, a Self- Directed IRA custodian.

Nasdaq Business Leader
Preston Despenas Passive Real Estate Provider

Principal of SDIRA Wealth, Preston Despenas quickly took the alternative investment firm from startup to being a highly visible leader in innovating the retirement, real estate, and investment spaces.

Position Under Review
- Notes, Liens & Mortgage Provider
Position Under Review
- Precious Metals Provider
Self-Directed Industry Guru
Eric Scharaga Staff Writer & Contributor

Principal of Comparion Capital, Eric Scharaga is an expert in managing assets and non-performing mortgage notes. His specialities are non-performing notes, defaulted paper, residential investing, NPN, NPL, 2nd liens, junior liens, and HELOCS.

Position Under Review
- Senior Market Analyst